BWAA Coaching Programme information


Coaching Programme

The BWAA has a dedicated team of coaches who are all familiar with the needs of para-archers.  We assume that by coming to our weekends you want to be coached with the aim of improving your archery.  If you just want to shoot, then let us know and we’ll leave you in peace!

Our coaches generally work in teams of 2. We try to keep the allocation constant, but sometimes coach availability means we have to change things.

The core of our activities is individual coaching.  A coach will assess your current technique and then make suggestions.  This will be followed by instruction and monitored practice.  Coaches often use video for analysis and feedback and we have our own overhead rig on which you can be coached and practice with video feedback.

We also offer small group coaching sessions. These vary from month to month and are aimed at the novice or intermediate archer.  They will generally focus on the foundations of good technique and how to build it and practice it.

For any of you with aspirations to the higher level, we will support any plan you are working to.  If you haven’t got one, then some of coaches will help you to set one up.

Finally, we will help you with equipment issues such as bow set up and tuning.  This is normally done on Sunday mornings when things are a bit quieter.

We also offer advice on personal equipment such as stools and wheelchairs as well as a classification service.  These are done outside the coaching programme.

We hope you will find something of interest in here to encourage you to come along.  If you have any questions or requests then make them known.  We are a friendly bunch – really!