PLEASE READ: Important changes to training camp booking policy


Nov 17


We have decided to alter the policy on booking for training weekends.
As of the January camp we will be giving priority to people who are staying on site and attending the whole of the weekend training camp first. This applies also to anyone living locally and attends both days of the camp.

We will then fill any spaces with those that are only attending on the Saturday on a first come first served basis. Some may find themselves on a waiting list because of this but it is important that those that intend to get the most out of both days of the camp are catered for first.

I know that this decision may not be what the people that attend on Saturdays would want to hear but it has not been taken lightly. Our training camps are getting to the point where we are having to turn people away who want to take the opportunity to spend the whole weekend with us because we are fully booked and then half empty on the Sunday.

In terms of the January camp WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY BOOKINGS UNTIL POST CHRISTMAS ON THE 27TH DECEMBER. PLEASE DO NOT TRY AND BOOK BEFORE THIS DATE OTHERWISE WE WILL REFUSE YOUR BOOKING. Trying to book early will not guarantee you a spot on the Saturday only waiting list or a place for the entire weekend so please do not try only to be disappointed.